УКРМАРК для класифікаційних записів

Блок № 9 — Блок національного використання |eng>

Опис блоку: Definition and Scope of Fields
This block is reserved for national use by agencies where UNIMARC is the basis of the domestic format. It is recommended that fields in this block be excluded from international exchange media. In cases of difficulty, it would be a matter for international agreement as to whether particular types of data should be held in a local field. Agencies using this block may, if they wish, come to an agreement over common use of fields; but this is optional.

Примітки до блоку: Notes on Field Contents
These fields may contain any information which is of local, as opposed to international, importance.
Related Fields, Indicators, and Subfields
All -9- and --9 fields throughout the format are reserved for national and local use; their definitions and indicator and subfield values remain undefined by the Permanent UNIMARC Committee. This is also true of indicator value 9 and subfield $9.

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