тип: Classification
версія: 0.01 30.10.2012
Формат УКРМАРК для класифікаційних записів покликаний бути варіантом „UNIMARC/Classification“, адатованим для потреб бібліотек України.
При складанні БД „UKRMARC Classification“ використані наступні джерела:

Останні зміни:
(вер. 0.01 від 30.10.2012) Початок роботи над БД „UKRMARC Classification“.

поле LEADER — Record label |eng>

короткий опис: This area of the record contains general information which may be needed in processing the record, constituted according to the provisions of ISO 2709.

обов’язковість поля: ТАК (The record label occurs at the beginning of every record. Обов’язкове)

повторюваність поля: НІ (Не повторюється)

індикатор 1 –

пояснення до індикатора: Це поле не має індикаторів.

примітки до змісту поля: Tag, Indicators, and Subfields
The record label has no tag, indicators, or subfield identifiers. Fixed Length Data Elements These data elements are identified by character position within the label. The label as a whole is always 24 characters in length. Conventionally the character positions are numbered 0 to 23.
Name of Data Element
Number of Characters
Character Positions
Record length
Record status
Type of record
Indicator length
Subfield identifier length
Base address of data
Encoding level
Record Update in Process
Directory map
Notes on Field Contents
The Record Label (also known as leader) is found at the beginning of each UNIMARC record and contains data for processing the record. Character positions 10, 11, 20-23 contain specific fixed values which may be generated programmatically by the computer. Character positions 0-4 and 12-16 contain numerical data indicating the number of characters in certain areas of the record; these can be calculated by the computer when the record is formatted. Values for the character positions 5, 6, 17 may be translated from data in the source record by conversion program or, where UNIMARC is being used as the source format, assigned manually.

0-4 Record length Five decimal digits, right justified, with zero fill where necessary, representing the number of characters in the entire record, including the label itself, the directory, and the variable fields. This data element is normally calculated automatically when the total record is assembled for exchange.

5 Record Status
A single digit, denoting the processing status of the record.

06 Type of Record

07-09 Undefined character positions

10 Indicator length

11 Subfield identifier length

12-16 Base address of data

17 Encoding level

18 Record Update in Process

19 Undefined

20-23 Directory map


Це поле не містить підполів.

Блок № 0 — Блок ідентифікації |eng>

Опис блоку:

поле 001 — Ідентифікатор запису |eng>

короткий опис: This field contains characters uniquely associated with the record, i.e. the control number for the record of the agency preparing the record.

обов’язковість поля: ТАК (Обов’язкове)

повторюваність поля: НІ (Не повторюється)


In conformance with ISO 2709 this field does not have indicators. Це поле не має індикаторів.

примітки до змісту поля: There are no restrictions on the form of the record identifier.
When the record identifier consists of or incorporates any form of an International Standard Number, other identifiable number such as a national number, or other data such as country of publication, this information is nevertheless to be entered in the field specified for that data in addition to recording it as the record identifier in this field.

Взаємопов’язані поля

Related Fields An agency may be using other separately identified numbers such as ISBN or National Bibliography Number as a Record Identifier. See Notes on Field Contents above for treatment in these cases.

    This field contains a code identifying the source of the record identifier.

Взаємопов’язане поле 035 – SYSTEM CONTROL NUMBER
    When an agency adds another agency's records to its database, the earlier record identifier is placed in this field.


In conformance with ISO 2709 this field does not contain subfields. Це поле не містить підполів.

приклад 1 („EX 1“): 001 7661149

Блок № 9 — Блок національного використання |eng>

Опис блоку: Definition and Scope of Fields
This block is reserved for national use by agencies where UNIMARC is the basis of the domestic format. It is recommended that fields in this block be excluded from international exchange media. In cases of difficulty, it would be a matter for international agreement as to whether particular types of data should be held in a local field. Agencies using this block may, if they wish, come to an agreement over common use of fields; but this is optional.

Примітки до блоку: Notes on Field Contents
These fields may contain any information which is of local, as opposed to international, importance.
Related Fields, Indicators, and Subfields
All -9- and --9 fields throughout the format are reserved for national and local use; their definitions and indicator and subfield values remain undefined by the Permanent UNIMARC Committee. This is also true of indicator value 9 and subfield $9.