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версія: 0.01 30.10.2012
Формат УКРМАРК для для записів про зберігання покликаний бути варіантом „UNIMARC/Holdings“, адатованим для потреб бібліотек України.
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поле LEADER — Record label |eng>

короткий опис: The record label is constructed according to the provisions of ISO 2709

обов’язковість поля: ТАК (The record label occurs at the beginning of every record. Обов’язкове)

повторюваність поля: НІ (Не повторюється)

примітки до змісту поля: Fixed Length Data Elements
The label as a whole is always 24 characters in length.
Name of data element Number of charactersCharacter position(s)
Record length 5 0-4
Record status 1 5
Implementation codes 4 6-9
Indicator length 1 10
Subfield identifier length 1 11
Base Address of data 5 12-16
Additional record definition 3 17-19
Directory map 4 20-23
Notes on Field Contents
0-4 Record length
Five decimal digits, right justified, with zero fill where necessary
5 Record status
A single character denoting the processing status of the record
c = corrected or revised record
A holdings record to which changes have been made to correct errors, to bring it up to date, or one where fields have been deleted.
d = deleted record
A holdings record which is exchanged in order to indicate that a record bearing this control number is no longer valid. The holdings record may contain only the label, directory and 001 (record control number) field, or it may contain all the fields in the holdings record as issued; in either case GENERAL NOTE 300 field may be used to explain why the record is deleted.
n = new record
A new holdings record
6-9 Implementation codes
6 Type of record
One character code that indicates the characteristics of and defines the components of the record.
a = Single-part
Item which is complete in a single physical part.
b = Multipart
Item which is complete, or intended to be complete in a finite number of separate physical parts.
c = Serial
A continuing resource issued in a succession of discrete parts, usually bearing numbering, that has no predetermined conclusion.
The following are examples of materials that are coded "s": journals, magazines, electronic journals, continuing directories, annual reports, newspapers, and monographic series.
d = Integrating resource
Bibliographic item/resource that is added to or changed by means of updates that do not remain discrete and are integrated into the whole. Integrating resources may be finite or continuing.
The following are examples of materials that are coded "d": updating loose-leafs, databases and updating Web sites.
u = Holdings type unknown
7 Type of unit designator
One character code that specifies the component of the item to which the following general holdings information and/or the extent of holdings pertain.
# = Information not available
a = Basic bibliographic unit
b = Secondary bibliographic unit : supplementary materials
c = Secondary bibliographic unit : indexes
x = Not applicable
8 Type of copy statement
a = copy-specific statement
Holdings statement for a single copy in a collection
b = Composite statement about multiple copies at a single location/sublocation
Holdings statement about two or more copies held at a single location or sublocation
c = Composite statement about copies at two or more sublocations
Holdings statement about copies at two or more sublocations consolidated into a single statement
9 Undefined
10 Indicator length
One decimal digit. For the UNIMARC holdings format the value is 2
11 Subfield identifier length
One decimal digit. For the UNIMARC holdings format the value is 2
12-16 Base address of data
Five numeric digits, right justified with leading zeros, indicating the starting character position of the first data field relative to the beginning of the record.
17-19 Additional record definition
17 Encoding level
A one character code that indicates the level of specificity of the holdings statement. Codes 1, 2 and 3 reflect the requirements of Levels 1, 2 and 3 of Holdings Statements – Summary Level (ISO 10324). A single part item holdings statement is recorded at level 1. A multipart or serial item holdings statement may be recorded at any level.
1 = Level 1
Identifies the item and the holding institution. This level is sufficient for single -part items, but gives no indication of extent of holdings for multipart items or serial items.
2 = Level 2
Adds to level 1 general guidance as to the extent of an institution’s holdings.
3 = Level 3
Includes a statement of summary extent of holdings.
m = Mixed level
Indicates that the level of holdings statement is mixed, for example when the levels for retrospective and current holdings differ.
u = Unknown
z = Other level
18 Item information in record
One character code that indicates whether item information is in the record, contained in one or more occurrences of fields 530-532
0 = No item information
1 = Item information
x = Not applicable
19 Undefined
20-23 Directory map
20 Length of “Length of field”
One decimal digit giving the number of characters in the “Length of field” part of each directory entry. The value in UNIMARC holdings format is 4.
21 Length of “Starting character position“
One decimal digit giving the number of characters in the “Starting character position“ of each directory entry. The value in UNIMARC hold ings format is 5.
22 Length of implementation-defined portion
A decimal digit giving the number of characters in the implementation-defined portion of each directory entry. As a UNIMARC directory entry does not contain such a portion, the value in UNIMARC is 0.
23 Undefined (blank)


Блок № 0 — Блок ідентифікації |eng>

Опис блоку: This block contains those numbers that identify the item or the copy recorded in it.
001 Holdings Record Identifier
004 Related Bibliographic Record Identifier
005 Version Identifier
035 Other Systems Control Number
070 Inventory Number
Fields 001 and 004 are mandatory in every record. Other fields are entered when data is available.

поле 001 — Holdings record identifier |eng>

короткий опис: This field contains the record control number assigned by the agency preparing the record.

обов’язковість поля: ТАК (Обов’язкове)

повторюваність поля: НІ (Не повторюється)

індикатор 1 –

пояснення до індикатора: In conformance with ISO 2709 this field does not have indicators.

примітки до змісту поля: There are no restrictions on the form of the record identifier.

Взаємопов’язане поле
    An agency may be using other separately identified numbers such as ISBN or National Bibliography Number as a Record Identifier.


In conformance with ISO 2709 this field does not contain subfields.

приклад 1 („EX 1“): 001 163279
001 02-8576

Блок № 9 — Блок національного використання |eng>

Опис блоку: