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Додаток O: Зміни у форматі

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Додаток O: Зміни у форматі

Appendix O: Format Changes

This appendix summarizes changes to the format since the 5th update of the 2nd edition. The text of the fields themselves should be referred to for precise information, these notes are only a guideline. 3rd edition (2008) This list consists of changes to the format since the 2005 update of the second edition of the UNIMARC manual. The changes resulted from the meetings of the Permanent UNIMARC Committee from March 2006 to March 2008. Many more examples have been added to the text. This list does not include changes of content in the 3rd edition which are not directly related to changes to the format, for example the Bibliography, Appendix M, has been updated New paragraphs Section 3.12 Copy specific data (relevant to 012, 141, 316, 317, 318, 481, 482, 560, 600, 601, 602, 606, 610, 621, 702, 712 and 722) Section 3.13 Changes to $6 New field 003 Persistent Record Identifier 511 Half-title 560 Artificial title 617 Hierarchical Geographical Name used as Subject 621 Place and date of provenance 740 Uniform Conventional Heading for legal and religious texts – primary responsibility 741 Uniform Conventional Heading for legal and religious texts – alternative responsibility 742 Uniform Conventional Heading for legal and religious texts – secondary responsibility Changes in name and function of field 010 Extensive changes to reflect change of ISBN to 13-digit 011 Change of name and subfields added to reflect new ISSN standard 314 Change of title ('Intellectual' removed) 316 Text revised 461 Definition changed 530 Key‑Title (Serials) – Revisions to take into account ISSN practices. 531 Abbreviated Title (Serials) –as for 530 above. 604 Changes made to illustrate alternative linking techniques

620 Place and date of performance, etc. Extensive revisions including change of name. 675 UDC. Extensive revision to text Changes to indicator values 210 Indicator 2 to indicate type of release 328 Change of indicators; Indicator 1 defined New subfields/values $6 added explicitly to those fields where it is most likely to be used 016 $d made obsolete 316/317 New code value b added to $6 503 $o Place in Locality 602 New $j 702, 712, 722 $5 added 801 $h Appendix C: Relator codes - New values Changes to coded subfields 100 $a 34/35. Recognition of ISO 15924 and note that its codes may be accommodated in a future edition of UNIMARC Bibliographic ISO ISIL added as preferred institution code in place of MARC Code List for Organizations throughout and $5 added explicitly where appropriate 145 Code lists revised Changes of status Errors in repeatability fixed throughout

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