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Hold / 1XX Блок кодованої інформації

(Перенаправлено з Hold/1XX)

1-- Блок кодованої інформації

Definition and scope of Fields

This block contains coded fixed length data element related to the item or copy recorded in it.

UNIMARC bibliographic fields valid in UNIMARC holdings records:


Field 100 is Mandatory in every record. Other fields are entered as required by the type of the statement of the holding.

Notes on Field Contents

Data in these fields is generally defined in terms of the position of a character in a subfield, counting the first character following the subfield identifier as 0. If a bibliographic agency does not supply any coded information in a given field, the field will be omitted unless mandatory. If some data in a field is supplied but not all, the omitted data element positions will contain fill characters.

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